3-16-15 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The One True A∴A∴ is dead. Long live the One True A∴A∴!

Recently, factionalism has been rampant. Factionalism over a series of questions about legitimacy that have overtaken much of rational discourse.

Germer’s death left many questions. There are no clear answers. Documents have appeared in the last few years trying to state their sides in matters, but without clear chains of authoritative (not lineal) succession we are left in a minefield. A number of groups have a legitimate chain of modes of recognition, but this speaks little of their Work.

In any case we are engaged, at some level, in necrophagia. We seek not to abrogate, but to breathe new life into a stagnant and moribund selection of study and practice. In the tradition of other groups, we seek to open the so called mysteries, for that veil is indeed the enemy of truth.

Liber LXI vel Causae

At present we are not an outer manifestation of the inner order, we are not a lineage of the A∴A∴.

This is an evolving experiment.

We feel that large amounts of the study and practice of the Ordo G.’.D.’. can be accomplished in a much more public manner. We also feel that The Master Therion only rectified some of the problems that led to factionalism and chaos. It has been our observation that much hysteria has been made of grade claims.

Late in The Master Therion’s life, he began to question the format of the OTO as a method of delivery of the mysteries. Given the inactivity of the A∴A∴ at the time, and that the OTO was described in MWT as a solitary venture, it becomes clear that the modern situation surrounding the A∴A∴ has come from clinging to Old Aeon concepts. 1909 was very different from 2015. The system Our Prophet devised could barely anticipate the rise of the home radio, let alone a massive global network connecting most humans to one another no matter the distance, on which is stored the collective wisdom of humanity. Some claimants to the leadership of the A∴A∴ are sorely neglecting this fact.

How we’re going to do this: Other A∴A∴ models appear to be predicated mostly on authority and organization. Again, this appears to be a relic of 1909. We are a system. The occult community has always been a system. This is what’s so grating about the often asserted division between eclecticism and synchretism based on the amount of people doing it. We’re always adding. The community is always growing. That the temporal manifestation of A∴A∴ has not adapted to this is staggering.

Given that we are a system, we should probably be looking at systems theory of management.

Governing body: Feeds into throughputs of Curriculum. Accepts feedback from output (Fellow Aspirants and criticism of work). Throughputs: Curriculum, website. Process is two way. Governing body and aspirants both shape the content thereon, directing people toward avenues of possible interest. Aspirants: Influence the world around them, express feedback directly to the GB, and contribute to the Solstice.

This will not happen overnight.

Love is the law, love under will.

In the name of Our Lady ~Fr. R∴229

If you wish to engage with our work, please see our forum at The Open Source Ordo A∴A∴.