Since this is the first update, let's go over what's been going on.

  • Satyr has been unimaginably generous with sharing his knowledge and insights into ceremonial magic in his 101 and 102 threads. Highly recommended reading.
  • Solstice is still looking for contributors. We have made some progress towards translating the Orphic Hymn to Pan, as well as received some art submissions. If you'd like to take part in a community driven revival of the "Equinox", suitable to the Internet age, do consider contributing.
  • We've had fruitful discussions on the Student Curriculum, and Daily Practices, something which is sure to be useful to those who are just starting on the path.

Short update. Things are moving rather slowly, but they are.

If you'd like to join our project, study and A∴A∴ system, or contribute your own insights into magick, join us at OSOA∴A∴!